Lake Cushman Camping Weekend - Friday

Mexican Night

On Friday, we all made our way to Lake Cushman. The first theme dinner on our weekend was Mexican Night.
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Pat Relaxing in the Dining Area Pat
Kellie and Brian with Sandy behind a Beer Bottle Kellie, Brian, and Sandy
Monica and Pat Enjoying Light Conversation Monica and Pat
Kristen and Jim Enjoying a Drink Kristen and Jim
Victor, Louis and Dad - er Robert, Posing on Mexican Night Victor, Louis, and Robert
Brian, Kellie, Darryl in her big Mexican Hat, and Sandy Brian, Kellie, Darryl, a hat, and Sandy
Finally, time to eat dinner! Robin, Darrel, Sandy, and Brian satisfy their hunger. Hungry Crowd of Mexicans
A Mexican Tourist, Seņor Doug, Looks on as Victor, Sarah & Scott get acquainted Mexican Tourist
Watch out, Robin and Victor, Louis is gonna have some Piņata Fun Piņata Fun
Pat, Monica, Kellie and Brian sit back, enjoying the kids whacking the Piņata Piņata onlookers
You can even meet nice people camping. Monty and Beth, our camping neighbors, are a case in point! Camping Neighbors, Monty and Beth

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