Lake Cushman Camping Weekend - Sunday

Western Night

On Sunday, we were all truly relaxed, unwound, and enjoying our second full day at Lake Cushman. The last theme dinner on our weekend was Western Night. We had a theme British Pub lunch too. Monday we packed up and left, luckily, we were able to spend a little more time using the Jet Skies too.
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Courtney Gets the Jet Ski First!!! Courtney on the Jet Ski
Beautiful Lake Cushman from the Dock. Is that Courtney on the Jet Ski? Lake Cushman
Courtney gets ready to take Victor out on the Jet Ski! Courtney and Victor do the Jet Ski
Robert gets to take Louis out on the Jet Ski Like Father, Like Son
The Bathing Beauties. Louis and Victor soak up some sun. Two Brothers Corfman
Darryl's turn on the Jet Ski Go Darryl!
Sandy does the Jet Ski thing too! Look OUT, here comes Darryl from behind. Go Sandy!
Monica Prepares 'Bangers and Mash' for English Pub Lunch Bangers and Mash
Darryl in her Pub Attire English Darryl
The Queen Mother paid us a visit. Queen Mum
Suddenly the conversation ended and the Bangers and Mash were served. Bangers and Mash be Gone
Victor, Did you eat too much? Everyone's Full - Even Victor
A very English Doug Schoolboy Doug
Time for a Swing into the Swimmin' hole. Go Darrel, Go! Tarzan of the Swimmin' Hole
Victor and Louis patiently wait with their friend for the Western Night dinner to begin. V&L Past Diner
Cookie! Are those stear patties ready yet? The Cooks
Brian waits patiently while Louis, Darryl, and Victor get the viddles ready. Darrel couldn't wait! Come and Get It!
Well Partner, how 'bout I wrestle up a couple other beers? Partners Doug and Robin
The bandito, Kristen, holds up Pat and Clyde Talk to Me!
Yeeeeaaaaa HHHHaaaaaawwwwwwww Partner Vic
Clyde, Jim, Sandy, and Kellie Relax on the cabin porch Relaxin' on the Porch
Kellie, are WE ready for a nap now? Tired Kellie & Baby
Just in case you didn't notice. Lake Cushman was beautiful, and We had a GREAT TIME! Beautiful Lake Cushman

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