Satisfying the Search Engines - Meta Tag Introduction

Technically, meta information is also page content. I distinguish it as separate though, because the average person looking at our page will not see the meta information. This information is held in special html tags passed with your web page which aren't displayed by the web browser. Meta information is "information about information" (Excite). In this special case, it is information about the information in your web page.

The special information held in meta tags follows two basic formats. The first can control information on how the browser displays the web page. For instance, it can force a page to refresh after a specific interval. These are http-equiv tags, and are not discussed in this paper. The second meta tag format is the name/content tag. The content of these tags are not defined by the web consortium, only their format is. The standard name/content meta tag format is:
<META NAME="user name" CONTENT="user content">.

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By Robert Corfman - 10/11/98