TACTS Card Series Chase Types Form Tab

Last Update of this page: November 2, 1998

TACTS Card Series Chase Types Form Tab

The purpose of this Form Tab is to determine how additional card table sections are displayed and formatted on the HTML card table. The information on chase series is only used for standard card series page generation, not for CCG card series. This is by far the most complicated portion of TACTS. Thankfully, along with this complication, comes a lot of formatting flexibility.

The purpose of the fields in this form tab are going to be briefly explained below. Another section of this guide needs to be developed to demonstrate how various entries in this table will produce different results.

This form is intended to be automatically filtered by the Parent Series ID form. Only the related chase type records for the current series id should be displayed. This form is NOT intended to be used as a stand alone form.

The function of these fields is:

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