TACTS User Guide Startup Splash Screen

Last Update of this page: November 2, 1998

TACTS Startup Splash Screen

The primary function of this form is to introduce features of the application which are available when you register TACTS. Information on contacting me (Robert), the version of the application, and the location of this user guide are shown on the startup splash screen. There are two buttons on the form. The Register Now! button displays a message box indicating my email address and is available as soon as the screen displays. The second button, Continue Unregistered is active only after an initial time period where messages are displayed showing registered features of the application.

There are only a few features of TACTS which are only available when the application is registered. The most important is this splash screen is not displayed after you register the application. The program starts up immediately. I used the application for almost two years before I added these features to the program. They are new and are refinements which I wanted for the way I use the application.

The items which are only available to registered users are:

Registration is Easy! We can negotiate payment for registration and I will send you a registration number which is keyed off your email address. The email address appears on every page you generate as a 'mailme' tag.

Caution: If you change your email on a registered version of the application, you MUST contact me for a new registration number. You will have several chances to back out of the program before it truncates fields and resets information to be in line with the unregistered allowable values.

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