Robert A. Corfman
19107 146th Ave SE
Renton, WA, 98058



Hardware:  HP9000, HP3000, PC Clients
Environment:  Unix, MPE/X, Windows 95, Windows NT
Languages/Tools:  Oracle Developer 2000, PL/SQL, Forms 4.5, Reports 2.5, C, Oracle Pro*C, Visual Basic, Korn Shell, HTML, JavaScript, Cold Fusion, Windows SDK, COBOL, C++, Excelerator, Clearcase, MS Office, CorelDraw
Databases:  Oracle V7, Access, Image, Rbase


Bachelor of Science in Computing Systems with Presidential Honors
Object-Oriented Internetworking Special Studies
City University, Bellevue, WA, 1999
Oracle Certified Application Developer


The Boeing Company, Greater Seattle Area, WA1986 - Present
Lead Application Analyst and Developer supporting the Boeing Tooling and Manufacturing Services communities' central supply sources. Lead analyst and programming support in the areas of raw, non-stocked, and non-consumable inventory items. Currently working as the senior system architect for the TORIS (Tracking, Ordering, Receiving, and Issuing System) Project.
Tracking, Ordering, Receiving, Issuing System (TORIS) Architect1994 - Present
Responsibilities include: Support of a commercial Oracle Developer 2000 based MRP II application, Impresa by epicor, as the senior technical lead in a group of 11 people. Implementation of processes to support the Software Engineering Institute's Capability Maturity Model (SEI/CMM). Development and implementation of manufacturing and purchasing business redesign and improvements including the supporting computing process and data models. Production development, support, and maintenance of Oracle Forms and Reports, C processes, Dynamic web reporting, and production Unix Korn shell jobs.
  • Identified, evaluated and implemented an Oracle-based commercial Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) product to replace obsolete COBOL applications. Implementation included all interfaces, customizations, and data conversion activities.
  • Designed and implemented dynamic web-based reporting functions utilizing JavaScript, CGI, Unix Korn shell, C, and the production Oracle Database.
  • Developed process models, data models, and application customization specifications for the vendor to implement a new Tooling Support module in their application. The new module is used to support the Boeing Everett Certified Tool Project.
  • Developed process models and implemented application customizations and internal interfaces to support several Boeing production implementations: Renton Special Purchases Office, Renton and Seattle Hazardous Material Central Storage Warehouses, Renton Cutting Tool Refurbishment Facility, and Boeing Paint Tinting Center.
  • Upgraded application through five major vendor package upgrades, including migration of all production data, validation of existing processes, and re-implementation of all customizations and interfaces.
  • Designed internal development and support processes to comply with SEI/CMM level three, including requirements and configuration management, project planning and control, software quality assurance, software process engineering, inter-group coordination, and peer reviews.
  • Developed multiple MS Access applications to support needs such as tracking program customization requirements, help system implementation, and application ad-hoc reporting.
  • Developed application to support managing Boeing development groups using MRP concepts, including project master planning, resource finite scheduling, and actual vs. planned analysis.
  • Member of the Impresa MRP User Group Board of Directors for 4 years. Assisted in the production of the annual International User Group Conferences. Presented three papers at the last two conferences.
National Wind Tunnel Complex (NWTC) Consulting Analyst1995 (Part Time)
Responsibilities included: Providing special consulting support to develop the process model for the NASA NWTC facility management system. This system was to support the scheduling and management of the facility using MRP concepts.
  • Developed Data Flow Diagrams to manage the NWTC using MRP concepts.
Central Cutter Pool Relocation Project Architect1993 - 1994
Responsibilities included: Ensuring that the MILS computing development focused on the successful relocation of the Central Cutter Pool.
  • Designed and implemented application changes to track transportation of inventory between warehouses.
  • Developed a Visual Basic program to simulate the HP3000 application interface. The program was used to validate the application interface with Automated Robotic Storage Units at the vendor's site.
Manufacturing Inventory Location System (MILS) Replacement Project Architect1990 - 1992
Responsibilities included: Being the lead designer and architect of the MILS Replacement Development Project. The project replaced a 20-year old COBOL purchasing and inventory application. The application replacement involved coordination across major Boeing divisions for the entire Tooling and Manufacturing Services community with representatives from Auburn, Everett, Renton, Portland, and the Defense and Space Group.
  • Coordinated development of business and technical requirements from 20 separate customer organizations.
  • Developed process and data models for the proposed replacement application.
  • Estimated application development effort and represented the technical view in steering committee meetings.
Manufacturing Inventory Location System (MILS) Project Lead1988 - 1990
Responsibilities included: Coordinating the maintenance efforts of four MILS programmers in a COBOL II, HP3000 environment, and scheduling and approval of all application activities for 15 separate customer environments.
  • Integrated five custom versions of the software (NPSIS/ASRS, NPSIS/TOOMS, TAMSIS, MSLS, and BOPSIS) into a core Boeing project (MILS).
  • Implemented eleven warehousing areas that either had no systems, or limited systems, on the MILS software.
  • Designed and implemented a configuration control environment still in use today.
  • Performed support and development activities for Automated Robotic Storage Units.
  • Designed and Implemented system enhancements which enabled tracking of hazardous materials usage at Boeing with an accuracy never before available in support of increasing government regulations.
  • Developed support for Portable Data Entry Terminal (PDET) and Barcode printers within the application.
Non-Production Supplies Inventory System (NPSIS) and
Automated Storage and Retrieval System (ASRS) Business Systems Analyst
1986 - 1988
Responsibilities included: Interfacing between the customer/user base and the programming staff, troubleshooting application problems, defining customer requirements, testing new software releases, and end-user training.
  • Identified requirements for implementation of software in new customer environments.
  • Developed business and software process for supporting material substitution within the application.
  • Performed application testing and user training for multiple application releases.
AlliedSignal, Redmond, WA1999 (Part Time)
Customer Billing System Application Analyst
Responsibilities included: Identification and repair of major application problems preventing the recording and invoicing of customer sales of Iridium Satellite phone equipment and services.
  • Identified and repaired order tracking and invoicing problems in an MS Access based billing system.
  • Developed interface with Iridium North America to allow AlliedSignal billing of Country to Country Iridium Satellite phone calls.
  • Captured customer requirements related to billing, ordering, and taxation of sales and services.
  • Developed a data model capable of supporting all aspects of the AlliedSignal Iridium service business.
Group Health Cooperative, Tukwila, WA1999 (Part Time)
Reserve Pharmacist Scheduling Application Developer
Responsibilities included: Requirements definition and development of an open architecture application to support the scheduling of relief pharmacists for Group Health.
  • Submitted the winning bid proposal to develop the Reserve Pharmacist Scheduling Application.
  • Developed requirements design document for the application.
  • Designed and developed a MS Access based scheduling application currently used in production.