Decipher TNG Dominion Rares

A complete list of cards in the Star Trek Customizable Card Game Cards Dominion Expansion Rare Set by Decipher. Included are the quantities I have available for trading and also what I need.

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Decipher TNG Dominion Rares (1999)
Last Updated 11/13/99
CategoryDescription Quantity
ArtifactsCroden's Key1
ArtifactsOrb of Prophecy and Change1
ArtifactsThe Earring of Li Nalas2
DilemmasChula: The Chandra*
DilemmasFounder Secret2
DilemmasSleeper Trap1
Facilities - DominionThe Great Link*
Facilities - FederationOffice of the President1
Facilities - KlingonThe Great Hall*
Facilities - NeutralEmpok Nor2
Facilities - RomulanOffice of the Proconsul2
MissionsBetazed Invasion2
ObjectivesIssue Secret Orders1
Personnel - BajoranKai Winn1
Personnel - BajoranZayra3
Personnel - CardassianDamar2
Personnel - CardassianGarak1
Personnel - DominionAmat'igan1
Personnel - DominionBorath2
Personnel - DominionFounder Leader*
Personnel - DominionGoran'Agar1
Personnel - DominionKeevan1
Personnel - DominionKilana2
Personnel - DominionKira Founder2
Personnel - DominionLeyton Founder1
Personnel - DominionLovok Founder1
Personnel - DominionMartok Founder*
Personnel - DominionO'Brien Founder2
Personnel - DominionOmet'iklan1
Personnel - DominionRemata'Klan*
Personnel - DominionTalak'talan1
Personnel - DominionToman'torax1
Personnel - DominionWeyoun1
Personnel - DominionYelgren2
Personnel - FederationAdmiral Leyton*
Personnel - FederationJaresh-Inyo2
Personnel - FederationKeogh1
Personnel - FederationMichael Eddington1
Personnel - KlingonCh'Pok2
Personnel - KlingonMartok2
Personnel - Non-Aligned10 and 01*
Personnel - Non-AlignedSalia2
Personnel - RomulanLovok1
Personnel - RomulanSenator Vreenak1
Ships - CardassianKeldon Advanced2
Ships - CardassianTrager2
Ships - FederationU.S.S. Defiant2
Ships - FederationU.S.S. Rio Grande3
Ships - KlingonI.K.C. Rotarran*
Ships - RomulanD'deridex Advanced1

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