Decipher Deep Space Nine Commons

A complete list of cards in the Star Trek Customizable Card Game Cards Deep Space Nine Common Set by Decipher. Included are the quantities I have available for trading and also what I need.

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Decipher Deep Space Nine Commons (1998)
Last Updated 11/13/99
CategoryDescription Quantity
DilemmasAngry Mob2
DilemmasAphasia Device3
DilemmasAssasin's Blade3
DilemmasBrief Romance2
DilemmasClan People3
DilemmasCommon Thief3
DilemmasGaranian Bolites1
DilemmasIsolinear Puzzle1
DilemmasMisguided Activist2
DilemmasNone Shall Pass1
DilemmasVantika's Neural Pathways2
DilemmasVole Investation2
EquipmentBajoran PADD2
EquipmentBajoran Phaser1
EquipmentCardassian Disruptor*
EquipmentCardassian PADD1
EquipmentEngineering Tricorder3
EquipmentScience Kit2
EventsEstablish Landing Protocols2
EventsReaction Control Thrusters2
EventsTreaty: Federation/Bajoran2
EventsTreaty: Federation/Cardassian2
EventsWeapons Locker1
FacilitiesBajoran Outpost2
FacilitiesCardassian Outpost3
FacilitiesKlaestron Outpost2
InterrruptsActivate Tractor Beam2
InterrruptsDocking Procedures*
MissionsAcquire Illicit Explosives*
MissionsCharacterize Neutrino Emissions*
MissionsDeliver Supplies*
MissionsEliminate Virus*
MissionsEstablish Station*
MissionsIntercept Maquis*
MissionsIntercept Renegade*
MissionsKressari Rendezvous*
MissionsRefuse Immigration*
MissionsReignite Dead Star*
MissionsRelocate Settlers*
MissionsRescue Prisoners*
MissionsSearch and Rescue*
MissionsSearch for Survivors*
MissionsStudy Plasma Storm*
MissionsVerify Evidence*
ObjectivesBeware of Q1
Personnel - BajoranAnara2
Personnel - BajoranKallis Ven3
Personnel - BajoranMinister Rozahn1
Personnel - BajoranNalan Bal3
Personnel - BajoranPrylar Mond3
Personnel - BajoranRano Dake2
Personnel - BajoranRase Norvan1
Personnel - BajoranRinnak Pire2
Personnel - BajoranVedek Sorad2
Personnel - BajoranWeld Ram2
Personnel - CardassianAri1
Personnel - CardassianDakol3
Personnel - CardassianDerell2
Personnel - CardassianGhoren2
Personnel - CardassianJural1
Personnel - CardassianParn1
Personnel - CardassianPerak3
Personnel - CardassianRekelen1
Personnel - CardassianUlani Belor1
Personnel - FederationGraham Davis3
Personnel - FederationJace Michaels1
Personnel - FederationKaren Loews2
Personnel - FederationLojal3
Personnel - FederationOrren Ran2
Personnel - FederationPaxton Reese2
Personnel - FederationT'Lor1
Personnel - FederationTaylor Moore2
Personnel - Non-AlignedAmaros3
Personnel - Non-AlignedCoutu2
Personnel - Non-AlignedDr. Nydom1
Personnel - Non-AlignedJaheel3
Personnel - Non-AlignedKalita1
Personnel - Non-AlignedRax'Na3
Personnel - Non-AlignedRionoj2
Personnel - Non-AlignedTy Kajada3
Ships - BajoranAssault Vessel3
Ships - BajoranBajoran Freighter3
Ships - CardassianCardassian Shuttle*
Ships - CardassianGalor1
Ships - FederationU.S.S. Danube2
Ships - Non-AlignedFlaxian Scout Vessel2
Ships - Non-AlignedRigelian Freighter2
Ships - Non-AlignedXepolite Freighter3
SitesDocking Ports2

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