Decipher Deep Space Nine Rares

A complete list of cards in the Star Trek Customizable Card Game Cards Deep Space Nine Rare Set by Decipher. Included are the quantities I have available for trading and also what I need.

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Decipher Deep Space Nine Rares (1998)
Last Updated 11/13/99
CategoryDescription Quantity
ArtifactAlien Gambling Device1
ArtifactMysterious Orb*
ArtifactOrb Fragment*
ArtifactSaltah'na Clock*
DilemmasDNA Clues*
DilemmasGarak Has Some Issues*
DilemmasHarvester Virus*
DilemmasNo Loose Ends*
DilemmasSeismic Quake*
DilemmasThe Three Vipers*
DoorwaysSecret Compartment*
EventsAutomated Security System1
EventsBajoran Civil War*
EventsDefiant Dedication Plaque*
EventsRecruit Mercenaries1
EventsSystem 5 Disruptors*
FacilitiesCentral Command*
FacilitiesChamber of Ministers1
FacilitiesDeep Space Nine / Terok Nor1
InterrruptsGoing to the Top*
InterrruptsThe Walls Have Ears*
MissionsAccess Relay Station1
MissionsAid Fugitives*
MissionsCamping Trip*
MissionsChangeling Research*
MissionsCure Blight*
MissionsInvestigate Rumors*
MissionsSymbiont Diagnosis*
ObjectivesEstablish Tractor Lock*
ObjectivesHQ: Return Orb to Bajor1
ObjectivesPlans of the Obsidian Order*
ObjectivesPlans of the Tal Shiar*
ObjectivesRescue Personnel*
Personnel - BajoranBariel Antos1
Personnel - BajoranColonel Day2
Personnel - BajoranGeneral Krim*
Personnel - BajoranJaro Essa1
Personnel - BajoranKai Opaka1
Personnel - BajoranKira Nerys*
Personnel - BajoranLenaris Holem*
Personnel - BajoranLi Nalas*
Personnel - BajoranMora Pol*
Personnel - BajoranNeela*
Personnel - BajoranOdo*
Personnel - BajoranPallra*
Personnel - BajoranRazka Karn*
Personnel - BajoranShakaar Edon*
Personnel - BajoranSurmak Ren*
Personnel - BajoranTahna Los1
Personnel - BajoranVedek Winn1
Personnel - CardassianAamin Marritza*
Personnel - CardassianBoheeka*
Personnel - CardassianBorad1
Personnel - CardassianDanar*
Personnel - CardassianDukat*
Personnel - CardassianElim Garak2
Personnel - CardassianEnabran Tain*
Personnel - CardassianEntek*
Personnel - CardassianGilora Rejal*
Personnel - CardassianKorinas*
Personnel - CardassianKovat*
Personnel - CardassianMakbar*
Personnel - CardassianNatima Lang*
Personnel - CardassianPlain, Simple Garak1
Personnel - CardassianTekeny Ghemor1
Personnel - CardassianTora Ziyal*
Personnel - CardassianToran*
Personnel - CardassianTurrel*
Personnel - FederationBenjamin Sisko*
Personnel - FederationJadzia Dax*
Personnel - FederationJake and Nog1
Personnel - FederationJulian Bashir*
Personnel - KlingonBo'rak*
Personnel - KlingonD'Ghor*
Personnel - KlingonGrilka*
Personnel - KlingonMorka*
Personnel - KlingonYeto*
Personnel - Non-AlignedAltovar1
Personnel - Non-AlignedMartus Mazur*
Personnel - Non-AlignedRetaya*
Personnel - Non-AlignedSakonna*
Personnel - Non-AlignedZef'No*
Personnel - RomulanKarina*
Personnel - RomulanRuwon*
Personnel - RomulanSelveth1
Personnel - RomulanSorus*
Personnel - RomulanVakis2
Ships - CardassianAldara*
Ships - CardassianGroumall*
Ships - CardassianPrakesh*
Ships - FederationU.S.S. Yangtzee Kiang1
Ships - KlingonI.K.C. Toh'Kaht*
Ships - RomulanCha'Joh*
SitesGarak's Tailor Shop*

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