Decipher Deep Space Nine Uncommons

A complete list of cards in the Star Trek Customizable Card Game Cards Deep Space Nine Uncommon Set by Decipher. Included are the quantities I have available for trading and also what I need.

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Decipher Deep Space Nine Uncommons (1998)
Last Updated 11/13/99
CategoryDescription Quantity
Dilemmas"Subspace Seaweed"2
DilemmasAltonian Brain Teaser2
DilemmasArms Deal2
DilemmasDuonetic Field Generator2
DilemmasFlaxian Assassin1
DilemmasFramed for Murder1
DilemmasHate Crime2
DilemmasLethean Telepathic Attack1
DilemmasOdo's "Cousin"*
DilemmasPunishment Box*
DilemmasUntrustworthy Associate*
DoorwaysBajoran Wormhole2
EquipmentBajoran Phaser Rifle1
EquipmentCardassian Disruptor Rifle*
EquipmentMedical PADD*
EquipmentScience PADD2
EventsComputer Crash2
EventsEspionage: Bajoran on Cardassian*
EventsEspionage: Cardassian on Bajoran2
EventsEspionage: Cardassian on Federation1
EventsEspionage: Cardassian on Klingon1
EventsEspionage: Romulan on Bajoran2
EventsEspionage: Romulan on Cardassian2
EventsHQ: War Room1
EventsRenewal Scroll*
EventsTreaty: Bajoran/Klingon2
EventsTreaty: Romulan/Cardassian2
InterrruptsDropping In2
InterrruptsExtraordinary Methods*
InterrruptsHidden Fighter*
InterrruptsIncoming Message - Bajoran*
InterrruptsIncoming Message - Cardassian1
InterrruptsMagnetic North1
InterrruptsOrb Experience*
InterrruptsSmoke Bomb1
InterrruptsTime to Reconsider1
InterrruptsUnnatural Causes*
InterrruptsWormhole Navigation Schematic1
MissionsAlter Records1
MissionsColony Preparations2
MissionsOrb Negotiations2
MissionsStudy Badlands*
MissionsSurvey Star System2
ObjectivesExplore Gama Quadrant2
ObjectivesFile Mission Report1
ObjectivesHQ: Defensive Measures*
ObjectivesHQ: Secure Homeworld2
ObjectivesNavigate Plasma Storms*
ObjectivesProcess Ore*
Personnel - BajoranJabara2
Personnel - BajoranTrazko1
Personnel - BajoranVaris Sul*
Personnel - CardassianHogue*
Personnel - CardassianJasad*
Personnel - CardassianKotran Pa'Dar2
Personnel - KlingonT'Kar2
Personnel - Non-AlignedE'Tyshra2
Personnel - Non-AlignedSharat1
Q CardsFightin' Words*
Q CardsI Tried to Warn You2
Q CardsRhetorical Question2
Q CardsRisky Business*
Ships - BajoranBajoran Interceptor1
Ships - BajoranBajoran Scout Vessel1
Ships - CardassianMilitary Freighter*
Ships - Non-AlignedMiradorn Raider2
SitesCommander's Office1
SitesDocking Pads*
SitesDocking Pylons*
SitesGuest Quarters*
SitesOre Processing Unit2
SitesPromenade Shops2
SitesScience Lab2
SitesSecurity Office1

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