Skybox TOS Original Card Game Commons

A complete list of cards available in the Star Trek The Card Game Cards Original Release Common Set by Skybox. Included are the quantities I have available for trading and also what I need.

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Skybox TOS Original Card Game Commons (1996)
Last Updated 9/20/98
CategoryDescription Quantity
ChallengeAlice in Wonderland12
ChallengeAlien Savages11
ChallengeColonel Green13
ChallengeDon Juan3
ChallengeDr. Brown2
ChallengeDr. Simon Van Gelder14
ChallengeGorn Captain14
ChallengeHostile Miners2
ChallengeInsane Colonists16
ChallengeKlingon Landing Party17
ChallengeMagda Kovacs15
ChallengePlanetary Guards6
ChallengeRomulan Bird-of-Prey Commander15
ChallengeRuth Bonaventure18
ChallengeSamuri Warrior17
ChallengeThe Kaylar3
ChallengeWhite Rabbit13
Core CrewCaptain James T. Kirk34
Core CrewCommander Spock34
Core CrewDefault Discovery34
Core CrewDefault Mission31
Core CrewDefault Plot31
Core CrewDr. Leonard H. "Bones" McCoy33
Core CrewU.S.S. Enterprise32
CrewEnsign Angela Martine14
CrewEnsign Matthews14
CrewEnsign Rayburn4
CrewLieutenant (j.g.) Joe Tormolen14
CrewLieutenant Charlene Masters13
CrewLieutenant Commander Giotto11
CrewLieutenant Commander Kelowitz13
CrewLieutenant D'Amato1
CrewLieutenant Esteban Rodriguez17
CrewLieutenant Gaetano*
CrewLieutenant Lang15
CrewLieutenant O'Neil17
CrewLieutenant Robert Tomlinson16
CrewLieutenant Spinelli5
CrewYeoman Karen Greene11
CrewYeoman Mears15
CrewYeoman Smith14
CrewYeoman Teresa Ross14
Discovery"Balance of Terror"33
Discovery"Charlie X"33
Discovery"Mudd's Women"28
Discovery"Operation: Annihilate!"9
Discovery"Shore Leave"31
Discovery"Space Seed"29
Discovery"The Alternative Factor"31
Discovery"The Cage"27
Discovery"The City on the Edge of Forever"29
Discovery"The Corbomite Maneuver"28
Discovery"The Devil in the Dark"27
Discovery"The GALILEO Seven"33
Discovery"The Man Trap"31
Discovery"The Menagerie"31
Discovery"The Squire of Gothos"24
Discovery"This Side of Paradise"29
Discovery"Tomorrow is Yesterday"30
EffectMedkit - Blue3
EffectMedkit - Red5
EffectPhaser Blast - Blue5
EffectPhaser Blast - Yellow4
EffectSlug of Saurian Brandy2
EffectTricorder Reading - Red3
EffectTricorder Reading - Yellow2
Info CardInfo Card35
Mission"Balance of Terror"28
Mission"Errand of Mercy"29
Mission"Mudd's Women"20
Mission"Operation: Annihilate!"39
Mission"Shore Leave"23
Mission"Space Seed"23
Mission"The Alternative Factor"22
Mission"The Cage"29
Mission"The Corbomite Maneuver"22
Mission"The Devil in the Dark"26
Mission"The Man Trap"21
Mission"The Menagerie"23
Mission"The Squire of Gothos"31
Mission"Tomorrow is Yesterday"23
Mission"What Are Little Girls Made Of?"26
Mission"Where No Man Has Gone Before"22
Permanent WildNew Life and New Civilizations3
Permanent WildShuttlecraft Galileo2
Plot"Balance of Terror"26
Plot"Charlie X"24
Plot"Errand of Mercy"26
Plot"The Cage"28
Plot"The City on the Edge of Forever"29
Plot"The Corbomite Maneuver"21
Plot"The Devil in the Dark"27
Plot"The GALILEO Seven"16
Plot"The Man Trap"24
Plot"The Menagerie"23
Plot"The Squire of Gothos"32
Plot"This Side of Paradise"26
Plot"What Are Little Girls Made Of?"34
Plot"Where No Man Has Gone Before"28
WildAre You of the Body?1
WildCommunicators Jammed!2
WildCorbomite Maneuver2
WildDeflector Shields at Maximum!5
WildGreat Bird of the Galaxy4
WildHeroic Sacrifice2
WildHypo Spray8
WildLay in New Course5
WildLogical Argument1
WildLong-Winded Speech2
WildPersonal Challenge*
WildPhasers from Space3
WildTinkering With the Engines3
WildTransporters Operational3

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