Information About Our Weather Station


Our Weather Station

Our weather station is a Davis Instruments Weather Monitor II®. Ours is set up to track:
  • Inside temperature
  • Outside temperature
  • High outside temperature
  • Low outside temperature
  • Inside humidity
  • Outside humidity
  • High outside humidity
  • Low outside humidity
  • Dew point
  • High dew point
  • Low dew point
  • Barometric Pressure
  • Wind speed
  • Wind direction
  • High wind gust
  • Wind chill
  • Low wind chill
  • Rain

We also have what Davis Instruments calls a WeatherLink®. This is a device that connects to the weather monitor and is preprogrammed to log the above measurements at a predetermined interval. The WeatherLink® also connects to a computer via a serial (rs232) port and comes with software to program the WeatherLink® and the weather monitor and to download the logged data from the WeatherLink® to the computer.

Our weather station logs the various data in the following units:

  • Barometric pressure in inches of mercury.
  • Data logging interval of thirty minutes.
  • Rain in hundredths of an inch.
  • Temperature in degrees farenheit.
  • Wind speed in miles per hour (mph).

How We Produce Our Monthly Summaries

As members of the American Weather Observer Supplemental Observer Network or AWOSON, we log the weather at our station and produce a monthly report. This report is then sent to the AWOSON where it is published (in a condensed form) in the, American Weather Observer, a monthly periodical.

In order to ease the effort involved in producing these reports, I wrote a computer program to analyze the data logged from our weather station and produce a report in the form required by AWOSON.

Shortly after that, I modified the program to also output the reports in an html table format so we could easily publish the data on the web. In addition, I added the capability to generate interim monthly reports.

With the program automatically generating html tables of the summaries, it is an easy process to produce the monthly summaries found on this site. If you have a Davis Instruments weather station with a WeatherLink®, have a PC running Windows®95 or Windows NT® and are interested in publishing your weather data on the net, send me email at, I might just make this program available to you.

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