Satisfying the Search Engines - Introduction

When you add a site to the World Wide Web, you are probably interested in having people visit. There are many ways to advertise your site; search engines and directories rate high in this capacity. Though there are limits to what you can do to influence the search engines, there are things under your control which will make your site look better to the search engines and directories and the people who use them.

My own World Wide Web site, built for Star Trek card collectors, falls into the category of sites that want visitors. My site has been publicly available for nearly two years. I am very interested in increasing traffic to my site and have utilized the search engines and directories as one of the tools to achieve this goal. In doing the research for this paper, I have made several changes to my web site. Many I know have helped and several I assume will help in both the way the search engines perceive my site, and the way my site will be presented to others from within the search engines.

Because of the various types of search engines and directories, and the differences in how they interpret information within your web page, there is no one technique that will make your site highly rated everywhere people search. The concepts presented here can be applied to any web page, and fall into two categories. These categories are meta information and page content.

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By Robert Corfman - 10/11/98