Satisfying the Search Engines - Meta Tag Generation and Verification

In order for your meta tags to be used as intended, they have to be formatted and included in your web page properly. Not only are there tools to help you create your meta tags, but there are tools which can help you test your meta tags too. META Builder is a site which builds meta tags for your web pages utilizing a simple interface and is available at Meta Medic is a great tool that will verify the description and keywords meta tags, making sure they are technically valid. Meta Medic is available at It will also show what the search engines will extract from them, and whether the search engine will recognize your tags as valid. Since I have discovered it, Meta Medic pointed out that my meta tags were totally invalid; they were located in the body of my html document and they are suppose to be located in the head section. It has also pointed out when my description tag was too long for most search engines.

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By Robert Corfman - 10/11/98