Star Trek Customizable Card Game Trading Center by Robert Corfman

This page is the starting point for list of Star Trek Customizable Card Game cards I have available for trading. If you are a collector of Decipher or Skybox Cusomizable Card Game Cards and want an Honest Trader to Trade with, then You have reached the right site.

Last Update of this page: November 13, 1999

Blaze of Glory Expansion is HERE!

Welcome to my very own Star Trek Customizable Card Game Center.
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On the following pages you will find lists of Star Trek Cusomizable Card Game cards with information about my current card needs.
+shows you the number of cards which are available for trading.
-shows you the cards I need.
*tells you that I neither have any spare cards nor do I need this one.

Decipher Star Trek The Next Generation Customizable Card Game

The Original / Premiere Release (Black Border and White Border)

Alternate Universe


First Contact

Deep Space Nine

Dominion Expansion

Blaze of Glory Expansion

Skybox Star Trek The Original Series Customizable Card Game

The Original Release

Starfleet Maneuvers

The Original Release German Version

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